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Lion Pride Club

A unique NFT collection of 7000 hyper-realistic 3D lions ruling Solana blockchain.

Lion Pride Club
Lion Pride Club NFT

It all started…

When a group of lions decided to escape the shackles of a world filled with hate, war, and grief. As they wandered around, searching for a place where they could live happily and be far far away from all the despair, they came across a mystical land with magical creatures.

This land looked like Utopia, and the creatures worshipped lions because of their roar, power, and demeanour. The lions were chosen as the new rulers of the land and established a gentle-lion’s club called the Lion Pride Club, from wherein they could govern, develop and flourish the lands of Utopia. Together, the Lion Pride Club is now ready to confront their old foes to save and free the world from tyranny.

About Us

Lion Pride Club is a high-end 3D NFT collection that is ready to become a part of the Solana blockchain. The Lion Pride Club is assembled around an initial drop of unique NFTs with its uniqueness in a strong combination of ultra-realistic design and strong fundamental utility. The project trajectory sets up Lions as the next blue-chip NFT on the Solana blockchain. 

We are planning to disrupt the Solana NFT market and set a high standard for realistic artwork, and metaverse ready integrations. Our primary focus is on our community and giving back to it. Lion Pride Club sets itself apart from most Solana NFT projects by having a strong and fully doxxed team of high-performing executioners in their related fields.

We also wish to give back to society and the world at large. Therefore, we have resolved to utilise a part of the profits from our launch to help those most affected by the recent invasion of Ukraine. Instead of merely donating to charities passively, we aim to use these funds to make a tangible improvement in the lives of those left most vulnerable as a result of the invasion.


Step 1: Launch of our NFTs

At this stage, our NFTs will be launched through the website for the initial mint and afterwards will be available for trading on top Solana marketplaces. Each Lion will belong to one of the 12 tribes with its own lore and capabilities.

Step 2: Providing humanitarian aid

One fifth of all the profits made from the pool will be used to help the people whose lives have been uprooted due to the recent invasion. We aim to use this money to directly help those in need.

Step 3: Lionomics

NFT staking opportunity will be introduced, which will allow holders to stake their Lion Pride Club NFTs going on various missions in Utopia based on their tribes. Depending on the missions, stakers will earn a different amount of $LPC project tokens, which can be used in blue-chip NFT lotteries, raffles, and many more. The token utilities ensure that long-term holders will be rewarded for their loyalty and sense of community.

Step 4: Strategic play-to-earn game

Our plan is to make a play-to-earn game that will involve the use of Lion Pride Club NFTs as playable characters, and $LPC as the main currency of the game. Players will take part in strategic battles with the ability to use different techniques to outsmart their opponents in different game modes.

Step 5: The future…?

The Lion Pride Club has planned a lot of surprises for this stage, so stay tuned for more! You may as well see the Lion Pride Club expanding to conquer other realms.

Meet the Lion Pride Club Team
Kovalov.md 3D NFT Designer
Senior 3D designer with 8 years of experience in 3D Graphic and Game Development. Chief Marketing Officer of the creative Dreamink Studio working on the Lion Pride Club project.
Orujov Project Director
Overseeing the project dynamics and building a team of high-level specialists to create the best Solana based NFT collection.
Sirius Solana Engineer
Building the front-end and back-end from the ground up, believes in open source code, and is convinced that Solana based NFT will change the world for the better.
Useynov Senior Marketeer
Senior marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. Overseeing the marketing side of the NFT project.
Bagirov Growth Manager
Systematically applying growth hacking practices to the project while adding value to the holders and creating bold and revolutionary ideas to galvanise progress.
Rzayev Blockchain Strategist
Integrating state of the art blockchain technology while delivering top-notch blockchain and cryptocurrency insights to build premium fundamentals.
Nishit Content Strategist
Senior content writer with over 5 years of experience, responsible for overseeing all content-related needs, from press releases to website copy.
HyperX Community Director
Managing all aspects of the Lion Pride Club community, working on public relations, and creating strategies for project awareness.

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